Bitstrips 1.8.142

This allows you to design your own comic strips and share them on Facebook

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    Android 4.2.1 / Android 3.1 / Android 4.1.1 / Android 4.1 / Android 3.0 / Android 3.2 / Android 4.0 / Android 4.1.2 / Android 4.3 / Android 4.2 / Android 3.3 / Android 4.2.2

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Bitstrips is a free app for the Android mobile platform that provides users with all the tools they need to create and share their very own hilarious comic strips. The strips are all digital and easily sharable through social media and other digital formats.

There are over 1,500 templates that can be used in this app to build original comics. The app is integrated with Facebook, so users can easily share their creations with their friends using only a single button. Strips can also be saved for later use, which is great for those who want to share with only a few individuals.

When users first start browsing the app, they will be given the opportunity to design their personalized avatar for the app. This avatar will be used to represent them throughout their creations, and it is possible to add as many avatars of other people as you would like. Those avatars then become the stars of your custom strips.

The downside to the app is that many of the artistic elements in the comics aren't exactly funny, but instead seem to try to capture unlikely scenarios that would never happen in real life. Some of the comics are actually fairly strange, and they would certainly draw a few questions if they were shared through social media for all to see.

The functionality of the app is relatively simple to grasp. You have to create your own avatar first, then you can import avatars that your friends have created if you connect your Facebook account with the app. Friends that don't have pre-made avatars can still be added, but you'll have to create their avatars from scratch for them.

The avatar editor is by far the most comprehensive aspect of this app. Using the editor, it is possible to change almost anything about the avatars. You can change physical details like the size of their ears or nose, and you can change their clothing to fit their personality. You'll see your avatar floating in the middle of the editor, and a preview of potential changes is updated in real time whenever you make a selection from the available thumbnails.

After you've finished all your avatars, you can start to build a comic strip using the existing templates. You can make status updates that are visually specific to you, and you can create greeting cards for your friends. An archive also exists in the app so users can browse their past creations and the creations of their friends.

While this app is a brilliant idea in terms of innovation, it barely misses the mark in terms of humor. The artistic styling of the avatars and comic strips is quite nice, and it has a lot of detail for such a simple and intuitive format.


  • Tons of Potential
  • Multiple Strips
  • Simple Setup
  • Powerful Avatar Editor


  • Slow Loading
  • Limited Humor

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